The Wild Saturday Program begins at John Burroughs’ Woodchuck Lodge, May 1st, 2021, with A Presentation on The Pepacton Reservoir

© J.N. Urbanski Taken on Christmas Day 2015 from the “Daily Catskills” archive at Upstate Dispatch

Adam Bosch & Brett Barry’s presentation focuses on the history of the Pepacton Reservoir, the latest technology for monitoring water quality, and the interstate considerations that went into the construction and operation of the reservoir.

Adam is the Director of Public Affairs of the NYC Water Supply.

Brett Barry of Silver Hollow Audio follows up with a reading from John Burroughs’ Pepacton, A Summer Voyage. Brett is an audiobook narrator and audio producer based in the Catskills, and teaches Digital Media and Journalism at SUNY New Paltz.

The presentation begins at 1pm on May 1st, 2021. This event is free and takes place at Woodchuck Lodge, 1633 Burroughs Memorial Road, Roxbury, NY 12474. All are welcome.

We request that you please wear a mask or face covering while in attendance.