Wild Saturdays: Wildlife Near Home on July 1st

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On Saturday July 1st at 1pm, Mairead Mulhern will give a talk on Wildlife Near Home at Woodchuck Lodge. Mairead, an Environmental Educator from Mine Kill and Mac V. Shaul State Parks, will discuss local wildlife found in Upstate New York. Come take a look at various pelts, skulls, and feathers that are from local animals found in your county! This is a family friendly event. All ages welcome. Address: 1633 Burroughs Memorial Road, Roxbury, NY 12474.

Birds’ Nests

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“Very few species use the same material uniformly. I have seen the nest of the robin quite destitute of mud. In one instance, it was composed mainly of black horse-hairs, arranged in a circular manner, with a lining of fine yellow grass; the whole presenting quite a novel appearance. In another case, the next was chiefly constructed of a species of rock moss.”

Birds’-Nests, In The Catskills by John Burroughs

Upstate Dispatch on John Burroughs’ Bookshelf

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Upstate Dispatch has published a post on reading John Burroughs’ storied collection of Atlantic Monthly magazines and his Encyclopaedia Britannica. Though aging and withered, it’s an invaluable insight into the world, as it was seen by journalists, one hundred years ago.

On The Radio: WIOX Interviews Paul Misko


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To promote our Wild Saturday events at Woodchuck Lodge Paul Misko will be appearing on WIOX Radio tomorrow, Monday morning June 12th. The show is broadcast for an hour from 9am to 10am on Monday. Tune in at 9am to hear J.N. Urbanski’s interview with Paul.

Paul will be speaking at Woodchuck Lodge on August 5th at 1pm about Observational Hiking, something that John Burroughs encouraged whenever outdoors. He is founder of The Catskills 4000 Club and gives talks and writes articles on Catskill history, John Burroughs, and hiking. Paul provides a multi-media presentation of his hiking discoveries enhanced by his relevant anecdotes.