Welcome to Woodchuck Lodge, Home of John Burroughs

“These hills fathered and mothered me. I am blood of their blood and bone of their bone, and why should I not go back to them in my last years?”

John Burroughs, Literary Naturalist, 1910


Woodchuck Lodge was built by John’s brother in 1862, 15 years after John was born, on the east end of the Burroughs family farm. The Burroughs’ homestead where both boys grew up is a mile away up the road and was built when John was 13 years of age. Woodchuck Lodge was John’s retreat in retirement. John Burroughs’ grave is a stroll up the road from Woodchuck Lodge at Boyhood Rock.

The View From The Porch

We are pleased to announce a full lineup of 2021 Wild Saturday programs, outdoors and socially distanced. We request that you please wear a mask or face covering while in attendance.


Free, guided tours of Woodchuck Lodge are offered the first weekend of the month, May to October, Saturday and Sunday, 11am to 3pm. However, due to the pandemic, tours are offered on a limited basis. Please contact us for scheduling. Burroughs Memorial Field, the author’s burial site, is open year round, dawn to dusk, and is just up the road from the Lodge.